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Monday, June 20, 2011

Hawaii’s One-Sided Love Affair with GMOs

Hawaii’s One-Sided Love Affair with GMOs

GreenPeace just turned over a petition of ONE MILLION Europeans against GMO. Hawaii is being used to experiment with GMO & effects & control populations, farmland, and water rights internationally, for the profit of Monsanto & others. The Federal Government is in bed with GMO. There is States Rights & Individual Personal Rights precedent setting case that can be used to stop GMO in Hawaii & Elsewhere.. Once entering the environment cloned/mutated seed cross-pollination cannot be stopped in altering nature, and our nature. A Joint Action Suit by Farmers, Land holders, Healthy Food Industry, Heirloom, natural Seed businesses, and consumers needs to be initiated on State & Federal levels. A Group or Individual(s) Must Pick Up This Torch for Health, Freedom & Sovereignty.... Those responsible for endangering humans & nature must be held jointly & severally liable.Citizens Against GMO need a battery of the best attorneys. -Editorial, Aelbert, Pacifica News, Hawaii

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