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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Transparency of Nuclear Fallout in Hawaii Demanded
Hawaii Health Department Director Challenged to reveal Truth About Japan Nuclear Fallout Hawaii Health Dept. Environ.Health Services Div. Head Lynn Nakasone might better serve the Citizens of Hawaii by demanding the EPA repair the Beta monitor in Honolulu that is out of order and creating no data,secondly assuring Hawaii public of uncensored release,daily alerts on radiation continuing to Fallout over Hawaii in all major media,with layman explanation of nuclear data terms,and long range health affects of continued exposure to low level radiation. There are other issues,but if these two cannot be met, The Director should step down. Other questions go unanswered. Are Japanese travelers being monitored for radiation on their clothes,bodies or belongings coming into Hawaii; if not, why not. Monitoring is going on at airports in Texas. Ships and planes are carrying radiation on exteriors and interiors and cargo. They need to be monitored, as well as food from the devastated nuclear area. Instead of attempting squelch in-depth investigative reporting as the article below shows, The Director best care for the Public who pays her salary. Editorial, Mahina Pacifica News "… [Lynn Naka­sone, administrator of Hawaii's Health Department's Environmental Health Services Division] also took some issue with postings by Forbes blogger Jeff McMahon — which have circulated on the Internet — in which McMahon referenced a separate radiation measurement for milk that Hawaii officials said was extrapolated from EPA water radiation limits." "Hawaii Citizens need to organize to protect themselves,do their own research,and learn to take caring action for those they love. Japan is censoring news. THE U.S.GOVERNMENTS ARE PROTECTING THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY RATHER THAN THE PUBLIC.A call for bids be submitted for independent radiation monitoring by Non-EPA or Federal Government, Non Military and Non-state associated businesses; such services may be paid out of emergency funding."-Mahina, Updated Editorial for Pacifica News Service, May 1, 2011

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