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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ALERT! The Raindrop Revolution! Every Drop can bring Life or Death if Radioactive!

Alert! Life & Death in a Drop of Rain

One invisible 'speck' of heavy radioactive isotopes from a a nuclear plant accident or war event in a single drop or rainwater can be carried by jetsream, 'Fallout'; that UNSEEN speck can be consumed by man, beast or plant and cause death.One drop of water can also bring life. It is not too late to make the right choices in our lives and for the planet. If global Citizens do not empower themselves to act for the health of ourselves, governments & greed oriented industries will create more of these specks...death specks that can rain on anyone, and have already. We can make a difference, e-mail your senators,congressman, better the banks funding nuclear and other toxic industries. Make this a a 'global citizen,' action you can do & make change from your computer. Make a difference.The Raindrop Revolution must begin with 'us'.One of us, then two then a downpour cleansing and flooding the earth with healthy elements,healthy acts for the planet. We need you.Link these, join Greenpeace, Form local Citizen Networks.Product those you love, the water, air, & earth. join 'Global Citizen Action Forum,' at  visit    plant gardens,create water collection,filter water, get geiger counter, store food, take citizen action.Survive the quickening earth changes, Sustain your life & the planet, Evolve spirit~Mind~Body,& Thrive. Do good deeds.  Every raindrop, -every person counts.Editorial By Mahina, Pacifica News Service, Hawaii.

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